Build strong individuals within a community

About E. E. Venture

E.E. Venture’s mission is to bring a sense of empowerment to the Aruban professional community through inspiring, interactive training sessions and workshops. Her ‘hands on’ approach challenges participants to broaden their minds and change their way of thinking, so they can grow. The energy and passion she brings to her group seminars is contagious - participants leave feeling inspired and motivated to make changes that will improve their lives.

About the owner of E.E. Venture

Products and services

  • — Personal development
  • — Group dynamics
  • — Conflict resolution
  • — Customer service
  • — Assertiveness
  • — Leadership training
  • — Recruitment and selection of new employees

Coaching of management or senior management

Skill training for employees, middle management


Build strong individuals within a community.


E.E. Ventures with one clear goal in mind: empowering and engaging the people of Aruba into being the best possible versions of themselves through education. Empowered people - people who believe in themselves and their abilities - are the building blocks of a vibrant community.